Verifying Driver Source Files

Through the years I have run into various environments where source files have been moved or deleted without updating the associated item in MECM. Usually, it is a case of having changed content source directories or an attempt to cleanup gone wrong. Sometime later, you discover something you need is not where it is supposed to be and you need to fix it.

This scenario is most annoying when dealing with drivers. Without digging in to logs you do not know which driver(s) are not where they should be. After you find one, fix it, and try to distribute content you get another error for the next missing driver and so on.

While I cannot fix the missing driver(s) for you, I can help you identify them. I wrote a simple right click tool to look at a driver package and verify the drivers in that package are where they are supposed to be. Now armed with the full list, you can get to fixing them all before distributing content.

Right click on driver package
Any missing drivers are returned in a window.
If all drivers are where they should be, you get notified of that too.

Hopefully I will get this into Community Hub soon, but in the meantime, here is the cab file.