SCCM extension for Windows Admin Center v1.1 released

UPDATE: v1.1.1 is live to fix the reported application tab issue.

Version 1.1 of the SCCM extension for Windows Admin Center went live today. You can read about the original release here.

Bugs Fixed:
Software Metering client action not triggering
Customers with certain versions of the Microsoft SCCM Client health offering were unable to get the general tab to load
Unable to download logs from systems with SMB blocked – unable to fix, but now detect and disable download button if scenario is identified

New Features:
Search functionality for log list
Type of connection (Wired, Wireless, or VPN) added to general tab – HUGE thanks to Johan Arwidmark for his blog post and allowing me to include the code in this project.
Pending reboot detection. A banner will be displayed when connected to systems with a pending reboot

Software Center functionality added. NOTE: Only machine policy shows up at this time