MEMCM Client Extension for Windows Admin Center 1.2 Released

Update: v1.2.5 and v1.5 released, read more here.

The latest version of the MEMCM Client Extension for Windows Admin Center (WAC) has gone live. For those of you with previous versions you will automatically be prompted to upgrade.

For those new to the extension, see the original post.

What’s New:
1. SCCM to MEMCM name change where possible
2. misc. bug fixes
3. Baseline report now supports one level of nested baseline (up from zero)
4. The functionality of the CM Toolkit client tool, deploymentmonitoringtool.exe, has been added. There is a navigation error in the version that got published, preventing you from getting to the deployment properties when clicking on a deployment, although you can type the URL. I should have a fix out in the next day or so.