An Updated Right Click Tool to Open Devices in Windows Admin Center from the CM Console.

My first version of a RCT tool to open a CM device in Windows Admin Center (WAC) required customizing the script. This of course kills any signature on the script and not everyone has the ability to resign the modified script. With the new version I have added a settings file to avoid the modification and keep the signature in place.

NOTE: When attempting to launch just the URL, some systems would not open a browser. I made the choice to call the browser I know will be on all workstations, Edge. This creates the requirement of when running the console on a server, Edge must be installed on the server for this RCT to function. Sorry Chrome and Firefox fans.

Using the Right Click Tool

Right click on a device in CM, choose Windows Admin Center > Open in Windows Admin Center

If this is the first time you have run the RCT, you will be prompted to define where your WAC installation is and what port it uses.

Once you click OK, the settings file is created, and you receive confirmation of that.

Click OK again and Edge opens to WAC.

Should you need to modify the settings you entered, they are in a simple XML file under your roaming appdata. You can edit the xml or delete it to make the UI pop again the next time you use the RCT.

Where to get the RCT

The tool will be available in the community hub. For those that cannot use the community hub, you can download the file below.

Once you have the cab file, you can import into the CM console.